Master Mentor Sessions

Clarity Masterclass with Jateya Jones

Please note that the class ends at about 1:03 and the remaining recording and announcements aren’t relevant to the Ignite Inner Circle Program.

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Coach Jateya is the founder of Jateya Jones Consulting where she assists multi-passionate clients gain clarity in how to transition their vision into reality, empowering them to confidently show up, boldly standout, and claim their rightful spot in the marketplace.

Check out this Clarity Masterclass and gain some clarity to identify your ‘effect’ and ‘affect’ so that you’re equipped to take action on your goals 🙂 

The sooner you gain clarity, the sooner you can transition from the life you dream about, to the life you live! So dive in, and submit your questions based on the Clarity Masterclass in the comments box below and Coach Jateya will provide a response


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