About Me

Hi, I am Amazing Aretha.

I am the Founder of You’re Amazing Consulting, LLC & You’re Amazing Academy. In 2019, I resigned from a twenty year banking career to embark upon a life changing experience in living a fulfilling and purpose driven life.

There are many persons who feel like something is missing from their lives, despite that, they appear to be living a successful life to others.  That was me a few years ago until I took time out to do the work. At the end of 2018 I got intentional about my life and created a vision that aligned with my values. This changed the trajectory of my life! In 2019, I took a chance on myself and quit my 9-5 without having any offers, and within 3 days of tendering my resignation I received an awesome job offer that was aligned with my soul and offered me the flexibility to work my own hours from home and double the pay of my former job.

With my newfound time and money freedom I was able to pursue personal development, business coaching and even start a business that allowed me to serve at a higher level whilst doing the things I loved.

I enjoy teaching, speaking and empowering individuals like you to step out boldly to pursue purpose and go after everything God promised and has already provided for you. When I witness my clients breakthroughs or I receive a message of their success in pursuing their goals, I experience a deeps sense of satisfaction, gratitude and joy. I am honored to serve you and can’t wait for you to experience the bliss that comes with truly living life on your terms and the fulfillment from enjoying the kingdom living that God has already provided for you!


Purposeful Living Coaching

Duration: 12-Week Investment: $2997

This Coaching Package is a twelve week series of private, one-hour coaching calls with me. 

Designed to provide you with individual support, accountability and encouragement to accomplish your goals and live life on your terms.

During these calls, you’ll receive a road map for purposeful living, strategies to combat your limiting beliefs, and create a customized action plan to accomplish your goals.

Payment Options

Visualize Your Success ½ Day VIP Intensive

Duration: 4-Hours Investment: $997

This intensive was designed for female professionals who are tired of being a public success but inside feel like a private failure?

If you feel stuck in your job, your relationships, or in any area of your life, and you just can’t seem to move forward this half-day intensive will equip you with the necessary resources to get off the hamster wheel and take back control.

Say YES to your higher self and your future.   
It’s time to stop pretending, be brutally honest and transparent about all the areas of your life and invest in yourself if you want change.  
The deep misery and internal un-fulfillment you experience daily is threatening your mental faculty and your overall well being.  
The Visualize Your Success Intensive will provide you with the tools necessary to shift your paradigm and live the life of your dreams.
You will gain clarity to create the life you truly want. We take a strategic approach to goal setting and craft a personalized roadmap to crush your goals so that you can live a harmonious and fulfilling life. 

Coaching Call Offers

Discovery Call

Duration: 15 Min

Consult Investment: FREE

Are you ready to break through your limiting belief and get un-stuck so that you can take bold action to live the life God intended for you?

If so, let’s jump-start the process. Book a discovery call to determine whether we are a good fit to work together.

Breakthrough Call

Duration: Half-Hour

Investment: $79

This is a private, half-hour consult call with me designed to help you gain clarity and insight around your goals, and what’s possible for you. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you may be grappling with what kind of life the real you want to live? Maybe even, what is the purpose for which God created you? During your private, 1-on-1 clarity session, we’ll discuss key principles to help reclaim yourself and create the life of your dreams