Everyone tries to find fulfillment in some aspect of their life. Unfortunately, many people are found wanting because they seek to fulfill the wrong areas of their lives.


 The Cambridge dictionary defines “fulfillment as finding a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction because you are happy with your life.” Notice that fulfillment can only be achieved through a sense of contentment with where you are in life and what you are doing.

But how do we get to this stage where we feel fulfilled?

Try these tips on how to live a fulfilling life. 


  1. Practice Positive Thinking 


Reduce negative self-talk, especially when you feel disappointed, sad, and frustrated. I know life can be difficult and unfair. But we can’t allow our problems to bog us down. Try to reframe your thoughts and dwell on life’s opportunities and “silver linings.” 


  1. Aim for Work-Life Balance 


We live in a world that glorifies the hustle or the grind to achieve success. However, practicing this type of demanding lifestyle can cause burnout or stress. The key to achieving work-life balance is prioritization which means having an honest look at your life and assessing what’s most important to you. Dedicate your time to spend with friends and family, find time to rest, practice exercising, or drop activities that drain your energy. 


  1. Pursue Your Passion

It’s essential to focus on an activity that you are eager to do each day. When you find your passion, you can invest your time and energy in something wholeheartedly because it is fun or gives you joy. When you can live your passion, it will not feel like work. You will be motivated to improve each time that you are engaged in it. 


  1. Have Meaningful Relationships


Achieving fulfillment in your relationships is not merely time with the people that you consider to be the most important in your life. It is about fostering a genuine connection that will leave the other person feeling good. It can be simply an employer saying words to an employee like “I admire your work ethic” or a spouse saying “I love you” to their partner. 


  1. Let go of regrets 

Releasing ourselves from the mistakes that we’ve made in the past and learning to forgive others and ourselves is an excellent step toward having a fulfilled way. When you begin your life from a clean slate, you can appreciate living in the moment and making that time for people and activities that will make us better spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. 



  1. Avoid negative people

Remove yourself from anyone that is always gossiping or criticizing other persons. Spend time with happy people and have an optimistic outlook on life. The feelings that people have are contagious. Therefore, spend time with individuals who will add value to your life. 


  1. Make wise spending decisions 

Having a lot of money will not equate to you having a fulfilled life. How you spend your money will determine how happy you will feel. Try to budget money on an experience rather than things. These experiences can include vacations, concerts, beaches, or fine dining with those you love. The gratification you acquire from material things fades, but experiences will last a lifetime. 


  1. Practice gratefulness

The act of gratitude may sound simple. Just journaling what you are grateful for each day can enhance your mood and overall outlook on life. You will no longer feel too worried or anxious when obstacles come your way.


  1. Give back to the less fortunate

We are consumed so often with the demands of life that we forget to use our gifts, talents, and time to help someone else. Helping someone gives you a feel-good effect that will motivate you to do it continuously.


  1. Be yourself


Do not be preoccupied with seeking the approval of others. Accept yourself for who you are. Try to learn about yourself by evaluating your beliefs, likes, and dislikes. Ask yourself what I will be remembered for and think of ways you can improve yourself as a person. 



We all want to live a fulfilled life, but we often fall into the trap of looking for fulfillment in the wrong areas of our life. By following these tips mentioned before, I hope you will reach one step closer to experiencing a fulfilled life.