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The Belief Experiment with Megan De La Concha

Hi! I’m Megan De La Concha

I am a women’s empowerment and confidence coach who focuses on mindset shifts and mental health. My purpose and mission is to guide highly motivated, purpose-driven women to push through limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and fear so that they can live the life they want; boldly, confidently, and purposefully.

I grew up in a conservative, loving, safe, Christian household, but soon after College, I found myself in a 7 year toxic relationship surrounded by drug abuse and domestic violence in my early to late twenties, suffering emotional, verbal, mental & physical abuse.

After losing my identity, voice & self worth, I broke free from that relationship and divinely landed in therapy, where I spent years of hard work rediscovering myself.

Tapping into my Faith and relationship with God, I have since earned three Masters degrees in Public Health focusing on alternative medicine and mental health.

I am now a wife and mother of 3 who was raised and still resides in sunny Florida. In 2020, I dropped my corporate healthcare job of 14+ years to step fully into faith as an entrepreneur making an impact on women’s lives and shifting mindsets. I am the Founder & CEO of Megan De La Concha LLC. I am the host of the international podcast, PeP. Talks with Megan De La Concha and I have dedicated my life to guiding women on how to break free of past and current toxic cycles of fear and move into healing for a fully empowered and unstoppable life of freedom. I currently offer a 12 week Mindset Group Coaching program with 1:1 coaching


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